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Node.js & Us


Node. Js, another programming platform much in use to bring event-driven programming to web servers as and when necessary. It is a cross-platform, back-end, open-source JavaScript runtime environment with huge market requirements. In simple words, you can use this technology to develop faster web servers in JavaScript. Node.js was invented in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, a famous software developer. It provides the developer with access to coding seamlessly. Also, you get the privilege of using common programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby, to name a few. This platform is suitable for developing lightweight websites.

Make your identity with Gignets

Making your identity is the most important work at hand in this digital era. It becomes more challenging for professional developers working on event-based programming to make their place in the crowd of applicants. These fresher’s groups' most eligible and valuable require a small opportunity to prove their worth. Gignets understand the requirement of both parties' requirements and work as a bridge between them to bring new talents to the industry.

Client companies in the industry look for profitable and unique solutions, and your legacy is not important here. Companies prefer experience for better understanding and handling of the situation. You get the position if you can serve them as per their need with quality solutions and performance. But you have to continue your good work to retain your position.

  • Basic Support: Daily 2 hours 5 days in week
  • Support for ticket
  • Advance support: Daily 4 hours 7 days in week
  • full time support: Outsource your second Job
  • Basic Support: Daily 2 hours 5 days in week
  • Support for ticket
  • Advance support: Daily 4 hours 7 days in week
  • full time support: Outsource your second Job

Only capable and dedicated freshers can turn these opportunities into a golden step towards fulfilling their goals. Gignets offers you the following

  • Work on your strength, provide a solution to the clients and impress them at the first chance.
  • Get appointed as freelancers and work on the projects. You don’t need to work on organizational matters.
  • Earn remuneration while earning experience working in the mainstream industry without any investment as such.
  • Enjoy the exposure to the market and garner contacts for future communication.

Gignets makes you reach the next level

Every fresher with proper training and work experience look to take their career to a new path. Gignets venture makes that happen in real. Join the database of Gignets and enjoy the exposure to work with industry-leading companies and prove your worth. Our expert team will guide you with valuable insights regarding the market scenario and the client priority for better understanding. You need to work on your communication and man-management skills to prepare yourself for the industry. Gignets pave the way for you in the most seamless manner.


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